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Sources of emissions and characteristics of the monitoring and report system.Please describe according to your permit all of the raw and secondary materials which consumption produces CO2 emissions. Describe the monitoring and report systems used in the process: *
Type of material
Процес довел до СО2 емисии
Одобрен алгоритъм
Метод за мониторинг
Регистриране на данните
e.g.: liquid fuel
e.g.: burning
e.g.: 2а
e.g.: invoices or the measurement system of the supplier
e.g.: accounting software or measuring protocols
Supporting documentation for the monitoring and measurement system (M&R system)Please describe the whole documentation which verifies the uncertainty in your M&R system.
M&R system
Date of release
e.g.: accounting software
e.g.: accounting balance
e.g.: Ministry of economics
e.g.: 01-01-2007
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