Welcome to the website of EuroBul Holding – The First Bulgarian Joint Stock Company for Conformity Assessment
Our Mission
EuroBul Holding JSC founds its conformity assessment policy on the basis of the internationally accepted practice and sets its goals to:
  • Increase the competitiveness of the company;
  • Enhance the users’ trust;
  • Improve the quality of conformity assessment services accomplished by the company;
  • Strengthen the holding’s position on the market of conformity assessment services.
EuroBul Holding will undertake any measures necessary to establish the conformity assessment services as means of increasing the consumers’ trust, and patronizing the producers.
The main goal of EuroBul Holding is to stimulate the producers for their realization on new markets, perfecting the actualities and developing new competitive products, and as a result – constantly improving customers’ satisfaction.
By so doing EuroBul Holding will work for continual approbation and recognition of the company’s name as an upright partner on the market of independent conformity assessment services in Bulgaria.
While executing the procedures for conformity assessment EuroBul Holding will never, by any means act in a discriminative way or in a way which restricts or hinders any present or potential clients. The access to services in the declared scope of action of the Holding does not depend by any means on financial conditions, quantity of personnel, membership in associations or groups, or the number of existing customers.
Our main prerequisite for development is the continual improvement of the management style and methods with focus on our clients’ satisfaction.
Eng. Stefan Abadjiev
Chief Executive Officer