EuroBul Lovico – Complex Center for Testing and Calibration
CCTC LOVICO is accredited by the Executive Agency Bulgarian Accreditation Service with a large scope according to ISO/IEC 17025:2006 (Certificate № 13 ЛИК / 01.12.2009 valid until 31.07.2012).

In both offices of CCTC LOVICO (in Pavlikeni and Burgas) are offered services for:
Testing of large scope of wines, alcoholic bevrages, waters, foods and other products – including sampling.
All products are sampled and tested according to international standards and requirements, and validated laboratory methods. CCTC Lovico conducts organoleptical/sensoric, physicochemical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the above mentioned products.
Calibration of type of measurement devices for chemical composition and characteristics (physicochemical, optical, mass), with analysis and assessment of the uncertainty of the measurements:
  • Atomic-absorption spectrometers with flames, graphite furnace, hybrid system (AAS)
  • Gas chromatographs (stationary and movable), (GC)
  • Liquid chromatographs (highly efficient liquid chromatographs, ion chromatographs, etc.), (LC)
  • Spectrophotometers (in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared areas), photometers
  • Ph – meters, Ph – ion meters, tetrameters
  • Conduct meters
  • Atomic-emission spectrometers with inductive connected plasma
  • Refract meters
  • Scales with non-automatic action (analytical, precise, technical), precision class (I), high (II), medium (III), regular (IIII)